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I'm Danie, an Acrobatic Flyer + World Traveler.

Most days you can find me standing on my hands or ideally in someone else’s hands. Here, we talk about All Things Acro.

I hope this blog inspires you to explore new places and see the world from a different angle. 

Long Term Travel Secrets: Ask Me Anything

Long Term Travel Secrets: Ask Me Anything

Thought I'd hit up a few questions I am frequently asked via instagram:

It seems like you're always on vacation.

So, while not technically phrased as a question, this is something I get asked a lot. I do, in fact, have a day job. I work at a human rights nonprofit, doing web, social media, and a bunch of back end programmatic management. I am super lucky in that my job is location independent - allowing for the Digital Nomad Lifestyle - though I have limits on which time zone I can work from, due to daily staff meetings, which are based in Pacific time.

How did you get into Acrobatics?

I'm happy you asked. I was dancing pretty seriously back in 2012, when I hurt my ankle running. I couldn't dance for a year and within months felt really restless.  A friend had just opened The Muse Circus School in Brooklyn, and encouraged me to get off my feet, get upside down and take some cirque classes. I was instantly hooked.  Before that, I'd danced, practiced yoga seriously and been a gymnast for the previous 20 years. 

Can you put your foot behind your head?


How many countries have you visited?  

17. US, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, UAE, Israel, Morocco, England, Scotland, Spain, France, Norway, Portugal, Greece, Japan, Thailand.

Which destinations are on your Wish List?

I always want to be warm and and wearing the least clothing possible.  My current instagram feed is making me lust over these destinations: Fiji, Bali, the Seychelles, the Maldives.  I want to see more of Europe, Budapest, Prague, Copenhagen, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland (in the winter), Sweden, and more of France. My grandfather was born in Vienna, and I'd like to travel there at some point. There's a big Africa trip somewhere in my future, and Angkor Wat and Petra have been on my list for a decade. 

Within the US: Hawaii, the Grand Canyon (I have practically driven past it, but have not yet visited), Big Sur, Joshua Tree National Park, New Orleans, Austin.

Packed up with my bags, Getting ready to hit the road

How do you stay in shape on the road?

This requires a two-part answer: Food and Physical Activity. As soon as I go to a new place, I immediately find a health food store, and an acro community or rock climbing gym.

I'm a pescetarian and have a sensitive stomach, and it's happiest when I eat extremely healthily and avoid gluten. This encourages me to stay away from junk and grease, and to cook when I can. I avoid street food almost entirely, and am super careful about what I eat. Sounds boring? Not Really! I often go to a local market and pack a picnic, then find a nice spot during my exploration to sit and soak up the ambiance.

The downside -  It requires a little more prep work - researching where I can eat ahead of time, rather than wandering the streets, and I pack a lot of snacks. Trader Joe's almond packs, local nuts, fruit, and protein powder have saved me from making bad decisions more times than I can count.

From the physical activity perspective, I'm one of those people who can't sit still for too long - when I can, I try to visit places that have acrobatics communities. When that's not available, I climb, run (which I still hate a little),  try to find a gym, or honestly just hit the mat. I can condition endlessly on my yoga mat and with the therabands, and sometimes do nothing but that and maybe walk or hike for a week or two. It's actually a nice break, and when I got back to acro I'm always stronger. 

What should we know about you?

I love to be upside down. I'm a total coffee addict, and I love bubbly alcohol (cava, Champagne). I always have good dark chocolate in my purse. I identify as a New Yorker before anything else, and a lot of my clothing is black or neutral. I hate running, but keep on trying to suck it up. 

What do you miss when you travel?

In no particular order: My Ballet Class, Proper Asian Food, Proper Pizza, Whole Foods, My Contortion Coach, Time with Puppies, All My Other Dresses/Shoes. So basically... food, movement teachers, and furballs.

Do you miss having a home?

Sometimes. NYC is definitely home, and I try to visit every few months. It's always a bit of a relief to come back, but then always exciting to leave again too. 

Anything else you'd like to know?

Ask me in the comments!

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