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I hope this blog inspires you to explore new places and see the world from a different angle. 

Holiday Gift Guide for Acro Lovers!

Holiday Gift Guide for Acro Lovers!

Gifts for the AcroYoga - Handstand -

Hand to Hand Enthusiast in Your Life!

Everything on this list is either an essential in my training bag - or something I am lusting over and want for the holidays!

AcroGrip Liquid Chalk

Acro Grip is the only Liquid Chalk made specifically by acrobats, for acrobats. It keeps sweaty palms and feet from slipping, making tricks more successful. Designed by Cirque du Soleil Team Standing Acrobatics, it lasts longer and won’t dry out your skin. I ALWAYS have a bottle of this in my training bag, and sometimes even my purse.

Use Code Danieacro for 10% off

Moba Vibrating Mobility Ball

Acro is a super fun practice, but like any GOOD WORKOUT it will make you STRONG + SORE! The Moba is MY FAVORITE mobility/recovery toy - to be fair - I did have a hand in it’s creation so I’m biased. It’s like a foam roller but better - It’s small so you can work it into your shoulder/forearms/calves/ouchies places + it vibrates. Yes IT VIBRATES. I love it. You can get yours here on Amazon Prime.

Gyro Wrist Ball

The effective way I’ve found to warm up my wrists for handstands. I use this little gyro ball almost every day. (If you follow my instagram stories, you’ll see it a LOT). This one is self starting + lights up, which is useful and fun.

Design Kontrol Workout Clothing

I love everything by Design Kontrol - an athletic wear line designed by Cirque du Soleil performers Phil Bélanger and Marie-Lee Guilbert. They do what I do… but on a unicycle!!! Personally, I am a huge fan of their Women’s underwear - No lines and it feels like you’re WEARING NOTHING. I’ve heard good things about their Mens wear as well - stretches and supports in all the right places.

Use Code Danieacro10 for $10 off your purchase. Free Shipping in the US + Canada until 12.13

Hydroflask Thermos

This is going to be a recurring theme, but training spaces are often a little chilly. Most circus related spaces require high ceilings, which makes them challenging to heat. Nothing like having a cute little thermos with you, and Hydroflask is currently my favorite! After you finish your warm tea/coffee/apple cider, you can use it as a protein shaker.

The Roll Model Book

This book is amazing. I pre-ordered it when it first came out a few years ago - and it taught me how to roll out EVERYTHING. It taught me anatomy, and how to make everything feel less sore and more mobile around training. Required Reading for anyone who throws themselves at yoga or sports, even a little bit.

Down Snuggle Boots + Wool Socks

Unless you live somewhere super sunny, chances are it gets at least a little chilly in the training space (looking at you, Barcelona + LA). The rest of us live places that are FREEZING and training spaces are COLD! Personally, I live in these socks, and am lusting over these booties (anyone want to buy me a pair this year?) Here’s a few options:

Women’s Down Booties

Men’s Down Booties

Women’s Mountaineering Smartwool Socks

Men’s Heavy Smartwool Socks

No Slip ToeSoxs

For you or your Flyer! Avoid all the foot to hand slippyness and never have to to your flyer they have sweaty feet again!

My Sugar Travel Mat

This is on my LUST List. Weighing in at 1.1 kilos and foldable, it looks perfect for travel either around the world, or across the city to the park to practice. Also, they are super pretty.

Class Card / Gift Certificate to their Favorite Acro Class or Training Space!

Buy a class card or a gift certificate for your Acrolover to their favorite training space or studio! They say that experiential gifts are some of the best.

A few of my favorites that are running deals right now….

Movement Sanctuary, St. Pete Florida
Sale until Dec 23rd
$50 Gift Card for $40
$100 Gift Card for $80

Cosmic Fit Club, Queens NYC

Online Courses

For those who don’t live near a studio with Acro Classes - or are looking to advance their practice on their own, here are a few excellent Online Courses.

Standing Acrobatics Instructional Videos- Standing Acrobatics has been a huge influence on my growth and learning as an acrobat, and they have some really excellent online tutorials ranging from $10 - $25.00.

Online Handstand Course with Kyle Weigner - I haven’t taken this course yet - but I have worked with Kyle on the green in LA, and his eye for teaching handstands is spot on. If you want to work on your handstand on your own or at home - and feel you aren’t making progress or don’t know where to start, I highly recommend trying this course.

Flexibility with Cirque Physio - I would normally recommend Cirque Physio’s Online Program - but she is revamping it to be wildly interactive with videos, etc and it is not currently available for purchase. Stayed tuned for the new program launch in 2019!

Flexibility + Contortion Course with Catie Brier - If you can’t wait to get bendy, Catie Brier is a well respected flexibility and contortion coach, based out of San Francisco, with an online training program. I have not personally tried her course, but I have heard great things from her students + have officially put it on my LUST LIST.

A Quick Note- Some of these links are affiliate links - meaning I make a small commission off your purchase which helps fund this site and my other acrobatic projects. I only recommend products I use/love/want someone to gift ME.

Happy + Healthy Holidays!

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