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I'm Danie, an Acrobatic Flyer + World Traveler.

Most days you can find me standing on my hands or ideally in someone else’s hands. Here, we talk about All Things Acro.

I hope this blog inspires you to explore new places and see the world from a different angle. 

Join ME at the Israeli Acro Convention in May 2019

Join ME at the Israeli Acro Convention in May 2019

Jonathan Crane I will be teaching at the ISRAELI ACRO CONVENTION
+ we are SO Excited.

Come take class + frolic with us!

What are we teaching at the Israeli Acro Convention?

Assisted Back Saltos

Wanna Flip? A little nervous to do a backflip alone? Our Assisted back saltos will have you flipping safely with a partner (and even higher if you want!) This class is Fun for All Levels + as wells as Same Size Base- Flyer Pairs!

Getting Stable in Foot to Hand + Hand to Hand
You’ve already done some foot to hand or hand to hand - low or standing + you’d like to get stronger + more stable. This class will focus on drills + technique to get strong + stable in these fundamental tricks!

Hand to Hand Surgery
Bring your hand to hand (standing or low) + we will help you workshop it from meh towards awesome! (Totally poached this from Scott + Michela - all the credit to them)

WHAT is the Israeli Acro Convention?

The Israeli Convention is an annual ACROBATICS + ACROYOGA festival that takes place at a former dance school turned convention space in the desert. Hundreds of acrobats descend for a few days to teach, train, take class + be silly.

Why Should I Go?

Because it will be AMAZING.


You’ll make ACRO FRIENDS from around the WORLD + Expand your HORIZONS.

You’ll GROW in ways you didn’t EXPECT.

You’ll have SO MUCH FUN.

How do I Sign Up?

Register Here: AcroIsrael.com

More Info (including Before and After Events) is available there.

I am DELIGHTED to be teaching with Johnny + hope to see you there!

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