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I'm Danie, an Acrobatic Flyer + World Traveler.

Most days you can find me standing on my hands or ideally in someone else’s hands. Here, we talk about All Things Acro.

I hope this blog inspires you to explore new places and see the world from a different angle. 

I'm Obsessed: May 2019

I'm Obsessed: May 2019

Every month (optimistically) I am going to feature my current obsessions: Books, Conditioning Exercises, Instagram Accounts, Classes, Articles, Active Wear, Food, Recipes, etc. I already track these on my own computer - what I’ve read, what I’ve watched, what food I’m digging - but thought it was time to share it with all of YOU!

Acro Obsessions

AcroGrip Travel Size Chalk for Acrobats

AcroGrip - now available in Travel Size!

You all know that I’m into pretty much anything that comes out of the Standing Acrobatics braintrust. We’ve all been asking for it and now they’re done it - made travel size of acrogrip. You KNOW this is in my carryon (and there’s another bottle in my purse, so I can acro anywhere in the sticky summer).

Get 10% off w/code DanieAcro.

Photo by Brianna

Photo by Brianna

Israel Acro Convention

The Israel Acro Convention was a TRULY MAGICAL experience. It was a honor to join my first IAC as a teacher, and the convention had 500 attendees, over 120 classes (i didn’t count), amazing food, and the friendliest atmosphere. This is a special place, and I’m already looking forward to next year.


I listen to a LOT of audio books these days (although the first one below I read in hardcopy). To be honest, y I am insatiably curious, and I always need to be learning.My preference is to listen to non fiction in audio book, and to read fiction in a more traditional manner (book or kindle).

Your Second Life Begins When You Realize You Only Have One, by Raphaelle Giordano

My mom and I were perusing Book Culture, our favorite NYC neighborhood book store when I came upon this book. It was a bestseller in France, and is basically a casual guide on how to be happy in your everyday life. I am constantly writing and thinking about how to actively pursuing your own happiness, so this book really resonated.

The story follows Camille, a 38 year old women in Paris, who has a relatively normal but unfulfilling life. She has a husband, a young son and a job that bores her. She feels disconnected and unenthused. After a car accident, she meet a “routinologist” who guides her through a process of changing her perspective, and becoming proactive in her life choices and quest for happiness.

I found myself scribbling in the margins as I read - doing the exercises along with Camille. Your Second Life Begins When You Realize You Only Have One is an light and easy read, with big, deep ideas behind it. I absolutely recommend it.

Yes, Chef, by Marcus Samuelson

I’m always trolling biographies of chefs - I’m a little obsessed with food. This month, I listened to Yes Chef the fascinating story of chef Marcus Samuelson. He was born in Ethiopia, and adopted by a Swedish family as a small child. His story, voice, and perspective on everything from creativity and finding his own voice through food to racial politics and approaches to hard work were fascinating. He reads his own book on Audible, and it brings a personal touch. I really enjoyed and recommend it.

For my Readers! 1 FREE MONTH of Audible ( 1 Audio book + 2 Audible Originals) as a special offer to reads of this blog. Click through to give it a try + nerd out!


Yoga Jumpsuits

Yoga jumpsuit romper

I think I’ve discovered the perfect outfit for the perfect lounging/freelancing and training handstands at home: The Yoga Jumpsuit. You might have see this beauty on my recent IGTV tutorial, “How to Kick Up to Handstand At the Wall”. My bestie Noga (an acro teacher based in Israel) recently cleaned out her closet and gave me the jumpsuit pictured above (similar available here and here). It is honestly the perfect spring/early summer/fall piece of clothing ever. My Requirements: 1. Must not be so skin tight that I feel self conscious and 2. Must not flash anyone while making handstands. I’m lusting over this one by free people and this one by Beyond Yoga.


It’s all about the condiments and sauces this month!

Truffleist Hot Sauce

My brother introduced me to this and now I want to put it on everything - grilled vegetables, eggs, grilled cheese. The first ingredient is carrot, and it’s got exactly the right amount to heat to hit, but not overwhlem, followed with an earthy layer of truffle.

Smitten Kitchen Ginger Scallion Bowl

Ginger Scallion Vinagrette - from Smitten Kitchen

I’ve been a long time reader of Smitten Kitchen (I often gift her cookbooks) and love how she not only gives a recipe, but also includes cues so you know when something is ready/ you need to turn up the heat / how not to burn the pine nuts or ruin the risotto. This crispy rice and egg bowl with ginger-scallion vinaigrette caught my eye and while I haven’t actually made the bowl yet, I’ve made the sauce 2 times, and thrown it over various and assorted asian inspired meals. I finish it with a little soy and it is PERFECT.



This month, I spent time at home in NYC and in Israel. Tel Aviv has completely captured my heart - and I feel like a part of my life is there now. I have a training community, Noga and her adorable kids, all the sunshine, beach and wonderful food. I will admit - I do struggle with the political situation there. I used to think that visiting Israel was somehow an endorsement of their government’s policies.

I’m also DREAMING about doing a surf camp in Asia in late summer (not India). Maybe Indonesia, Sri Lanka, The Phillipines… ideally I’d like to find a place where I could teach acro or yoga for 2 weeks, and take surf lessons. Anyone have any suggestions? Email me daniele.kohn@gmail.com



If you’ve ever wondered how I manage to travel the world so freely (without being independently wealthy), it’s through travel hacking and miles. I was incredibly blessed to meet Hank (my original acro partner) who happens to be one of the top Travel Hackers in the world.

We’ve started a Travel Miles Concierge Service, to help ALL OF YOU have AMAZING Experiences. We’ll help you earn travel miles in bulk, and maximize redemptions to fly first or business class, stay in gorgeous hotels and have the best adventures. Why? Because Everyone Deserves to Travel Well, and it doesn’t have to Break the Bank.

If you’re curious, drop up a line at daniele.kohn@gmail.com. l‘lI chat with you about your travel goals and see if the Travel Miles Concierge Service is the right fit for you.


Hong Kong Ballet 40th Anniversary Video

If you think ballet is sedate and boring, think again! I’ve watched this video at least 10 times - it’s ballet meets K pop meets Wes Anderson. OB-SESSED.

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Acro Conventions + Acroyoga Festivals: The Smile is What is Important: How to Maintain a Positive Head Space and Enjoy Yourself

Acro Conventions + Acroyoga Festivals: The Smile is What is Important: How to Maintain a Positive Head Space and Enjoy Yourself