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Acro Conventions + Acroyoga Festivals: The Smile is What is Important: How to Maintain a Positive Head Space and Enjoy Yourself

The tricks are impressive, but the smile is what is important. A guide to keeping a healthy perspective at Acro Conventions and Acroyoga Festivals! Conventions can be amazing, but intense, and bring out: Competitiveness, frustration, comparisons, issues of confidence and self-esteem, sense of inability, jealousy, fear, alienation, loneliness...  This Guide will Have you Navigate your Acro Convention Experience. Guest Post by Orin Lev Or

Why Should I Try AcroYoga?

What is Acroyoga? Why Should I try Acroyoga?

How often as an adult do you get to PLAY? AcroYoga takes elements of low acrobatics + partner yoga and combines them into a fun, accessible practice. People move between the roles of flyer (person on top), base (person on the bottom) and spotter (person in charge of safety).