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European Tour: Fall 2019
DanieAcro + Guy Ron

We have our first dates for
our European Tour!

Excited to Teach:
How to Train Without a Partner Intro to Standing Acro
Beginning H2H + F2H (standing) Getting Strong and Stable in F2H + H2H
Intermediate Standing Acro Handstand + Conditioning.

Want us to come teach in your city?

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Krakow, Poland

Sept 28-29

Multiple Levels of Standing Acrobatics!
Standing Fundamentals
F2H + H2H Technique
Getting Strong and Stable in F2H + H2H
Fun Entries + Exits for Standing F2H + H2H
and maaaayyyyyyybe Therapy for your HandtoHand

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Swedish Acro Convention

Swedish Acrobatic Convention
Oct 31- Nov 3

3 Classes , to be announced!

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Israeli Acro Convention
May 16-19, 2019
Getting Strong and Stable in F2H
H2H Therapy
Conditioning and Mobility for Acro

New Years Acro 2019
Wagening, Neatherlands
Jan 1, 2019
Hangover L Basing Flows with multiple bases and flyers

Swedish Acrobatic Convention, 2018
Conditioning for Flyers